The building at 100 West is an ambitious studio environment balanced between large spaces, equipment, and small community, all composed within 11,000 square feet of an 1898 Odd Fellows Lodge in Downtown Corsicana, Texas.  Alongside complete living accommodations, both private and communal studios, woodshop and gallery are available to execute focused work in visual, performing and literary arts to be shared locally, with Dallas and beyond state lines.  Many of the studio furnishings including worktables, chairs and beds have been designed and built by several 100W artists in the first floor wood shop.

Since its construction this building has served Corsicana with groceries, butchered meat, guns, pool halls and deer chili cook-offs.  We've replaced gun racks with wood racks and pool tables with drafting tables to enable artists shaping their work in large rooms flooded in sunlight.  The few artists who founded 100W have also contributed restoration work to the building.  Over the past three years this building has undergone restoration work between brick and mortar, glass and frames, roof and decorative cornices.  

Corsicana, Texas is located fifty minutes south of Dallas with notable turn-of-the-century Italianate architecture preserved amid a predominate oil and agriculture industry. Both Mobil Oil and Wolf Brand Chile were founded in Corsicana.