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100 West grants artists and writers residencies to create work in this historic building repurposed for studio space. Large scale, light flooded rooms are provided alongside complete living accommodations and wood shop access to produce work in two or three dimension, installation, or writing.  This residency experience combines artist-made furniture with period pieces in a building virtually unaltered since the 1890s.  Ongoing architectural preservation effectively backdrops contemporary studio practices.  100W maintains a close connection with Dallas culture less than an hour's drive from downtown Corsicana, where faded vestiges of the nineteenth century oil boom make it quintessentially Texas.

100W offers the applications linked above for artists and writers seeking full-funded, partially-funded, and non-funded studio residencies.

Applicants qualify to receive funding from 100W, our partnerships, local grants, and the opportunity to exchange an artwork to compensate the residency rate.  The majority of 100W residents receive funding in some form.

This residency is available seasonally from January - May, and October - December 2020.  100W takes a Summer hiatus June - September (see below for details).

100W encourages 2-month residencies for 2020, for artists and writers to reach effective studio rhythm and produce in-depth work.  We are seeking artists who would benefit from 100W's large scale studios, and who request adequate time to justify the utility in these spaces.  However, applicants may select their ideal duration for any term between 2 weeks and 2 months.  Due to 100W's tight calendar, an accepted applicant's preferred duration may not be matched.

Past, accepted 100W residents are eligible to reapply.

100W welcomes collaborative applicants, with a maximum of 2 residents sharing a studio.

100W hosts 3 - 4 Artists and Writers in one building simultaneously.  Our residency building balances personal work space with a common kitchen, dinning and living rooms.

Artist Applicants submit 5 examples of work.

Writer Applicants submit 2 examples of work, max 2000 words each.

Application Fee $30

Selected Applicants announced within the first week of October, 2019.

* Please review the details below before submitting an application through the links above.  Email info@100westcorsicana.com or call 480.677.0928 for questions.




100W awards several applicants residencies with full funding each year.  Applicants may apply for additional funds to cover material or research expenses.  Funding generally does not cover travel costs, and does not cover grocery or meal expenses.



Applicants may receive partial funding from 100W or our partners including: Scalawag Magazine, G.W. Jackson Multi-Cultural Society, and the Navarro Council for the Arts (detailed below).   These grant amounts range from $400 to $2000, to be applied directly to 100W's residency cost.  Additionally, applicants may request funding for specified projects and associated material costs.  100W may also offer to receive an accepted artist's work in exchange for a portion of the residency rate.



Navarro Council of the Arts Grants are awarded in amounts up to $800 to help cover the 100W residency fee. Recipients of this grant are notified when receiving a 100W residency invitation.  Applicants are provided the option to apply to this grant within the 100W residency application form linked above.

Residents receiving funding from the Navarro Council of the Arts will be expected to share their work and practice with students of an age/grade of their choosing (elementary, middle, or high school) at any time during their residency term. This interaction can take most any form possible within a classroom or auditorium setting. Some examples: A playwright resident leading workshops with the high school One-Acts Team. A visual artist sharing a powerpoint presentation of their work coupled with a project reflecting an element of their studio practice. A poet resident reading their poetry to a creative writing class, followed with poetry exercises for the students.

This is a chance to expose local students to the residents of our program who have traveled to their hometown to create work. Students are curious to learn about the challenges and rewards of pursuing a creative career, and appreciate candid conversation. If you have experience working with K-12 students, please mention this as well alongside your description of what your potential visit and workshop may look like, within a timeframe of 1 - 3 hours.



Accepted applicants may attend at their own cost.  Applicants may note in their application that funding is not required to attend 100W.   

Residency rates are listed below.


(Click on a studio name to locate images)

1) First Floor Project Room and Wood Shop

  • Available only as auxiliary workspace to compliment studio practices in the second and third floor studios, NOT as primary residency studio space

  • 3800 square-foot room

  • Appropriate for sculpture, welding, woodwork, installation, painting

  • Cement floor and walls, 14' ceiling

  • Includes 6 x 12' worktables and professional equipment:

    • 12' sliding table saw, Altendorf

    • 20' band saw, Powermatic

    • 32" wide belt sander

    • drill press, band saw, scroll saw

    • welder, Miller

2) Second Floor Artist Studio (available October - May)

  • 2400 square-foot studio

  • Appropriate for drawing, painting, printmaking, writing

  • Wood floor, 12' ceiling, brick and drywall, including a 60' wide work wall

  • Includes 4 x 8' worktables, desk, easels, utility sinks, and XL Twin bed

Non-funded: $1000 / month

3) Third Floor Writer Studio (available October - May)

  • 400 square-foot studio

  • Original Antechamber for the Odd Fellows Fraternity

  • Appropriate for writing work

  • Wood floor, 14' ceiling, drywall

  • Includes desk, worktable, and XL Twin bed


Non-funded: $600 / month

3) Third Floor Artist Studio (available October - May)

  • 2400 square-foot studio

  • Original Encampment Hall for the Odd Fellows Fraternity.

  • Appropriate for drawing, painting, installation, photography, performance, sculpture

  • Wood floor, 13' ceiling

  • Separate 500 square-foot bedroom and bath attached to studio.

  • Includes desk, worktables, easels, moveable stand-alone 8x8' wall, and XL Twin bed

Non-funded: $1400 / month


*Writer Studio Note:

The Writer's Studio is a 400 square-foot room located on the third floor and includes: extra-long twin bed, work table, desk, chairs, wardrobe, private bath with clawfoot tub, and spiral staircase to the rooftop. The International Order of the Odd Fellows Fraternity responsible for this building's 1898 construction, congregated in this Antechamber room before entering the Encampment Hall for private meetings and ceremonies complete with costumed performances. 100W has repurposed the 2400 square-foot Encampment hall for private artist-in-residence studio space. Note that the third floor is shared by only two residents, one artist and one writer. By maintaining the original floor plan and architectural details, the Antechamber (Writer's Studio) is still a passthrough on one side of the room, to access the Encampment Hall (Artist's Studio). An adjustable, sliding wall spans the width of the Writer's Studio to provide privacy when desired for the writer resident's bed and workspace. A kitchen, dining and living room are shared by three residents on the Second Floor.



The 100W Building has air conditioning only on the first floor.  The second and third floors do not have air conditioning and can be extremely warm in Texas summer heat.  For this reason, second and third floor studios are seasonally available October - May, and 100W takes a summer hiatus June - September.  Anyone interested to work at 100W in summer months despite the heat can inquire through the website contact page and may still select summer months in their application.  Reduced rates may apply.  The entire building has gas dearborn heaters for winter use.  Windows are generally open through fall and spring seasons.




100W generally hosts three to four artists and writers at a time.  All artists and writers have access to the shared living space, full kitchen and baths, rooftop and gallery for work documentation and exhibition.  Artists in residence are provided an extra-long twin bed, pillow, sheets, blankets, bath towels, and necessary closet space for personal belongings and clothes.  The shared living space on the second floor is ideal for taking studio breaks, reading, and socializing.  The shared kitchen is fully equipped.  A clothes washer and dryer are available on the first floor.

Wi-Fi Internet is available throughout the 100W Building.

100W does not accommodate pets.


Second Floor Studio desk and bed

Second Floor Studio desk and bed

Shared Living / Dining Room

Shared Living / Dining Room


The 100W Building presents a live-work environment amid a collection of functional and non-functional pieces that are made by 100W Artists, found from local estates, antiques, and ceremonial relics from the building when it was occupied as an Odd Fellows Lodge.  Fixtures like easels, worktables, seating, bed frames and the spiral staircase accessing our roof are all made within the building, for the building.  On the roof we watch sunsets and storms roll in as trains whistle three blocks away, and country bands play the neighboring bar.  Artists coming to Corsicana escape compact, urban centers to make work without distraction.  It's quiet here.  Long hours are clocked in the studio with a focus stimulated by small-town atmosphere and big, open windows.

Once per week residents can expect an organized studio visit.  This will include all residents throughout the building to develop conversation bridging practices and sharing perspective on works in progress.  Occasionally 100W will invite guest artists, writers, directors and curators to expand the dialogue, from dinner table to studio.

The 100W community extends across the street from the building with two private live-work studios used by a 100W Collective artist and writer.  Corsicana has a historic downtown with diners, coffee shops, parks, grocery stores and hardware shops in safe walking distance, so cars are not necessary, although bicycles are available.

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Photo courtesy Skyler Fike

Photo courtesy Skyler Fike



Applicants are evaluated based on the quality of current work and depth of proposed residency work.  Once accepting a residency invitation, applicants will be asked to sign a studio contract and submit half of the studio payment to reserve their residency stay.  The second-half of payment is due upon arrival.

100W is not a vacation destination, and should not be used for casual creative activity.  Artists are expected to be self-motivated and pursue rigorous studio practices.